Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kiki Time with...Zac Moon

Name: Zac Moon

Hometown: Richmond, VA

BA Dramatic Art and BA Comm Studies (Media Production) - UNC Chapel Hill

What is a kiki?: It's the best kind of party. To quote "for calming all your nerves." Isn't that the greatest? A party meant to put you at ease and to RELEASE! No judgment, just fun.

Tell us about Restoration Comedy: All play and all party, it's an experience like nothing else going on in NYC this holiday. A great (and hilarious) show, bottomless punch, live pre-show and halftime entertainment, amazing dancing and a few more surprises I won't give away just yet.

Describe Restoration Comedy in 3 words: Vogue. Sexy. Party. Sexy.

Who do you play in Restoration Comedy?: Parson Bull/Dance Company/Mandolin player

What’s the most outrageous costume you wear in Restoration Comedy?: David Beckham briefs... With some blacklight makeup to boot.

Which cast member is the naughtiest?: Uh oh, trying to get me in trouble, huh?

Sexiest?: Have you seen the show? That's entirely impossible to decide. Unless you pick Seth. Yeah. He wins.

Most likely to deceive?: Ivano. Never trust a man with a 'stache. Especially when it's fake. Kidding, I would trust anyone in this cast with almost anything.

What is your signature dance move?: Moonwalk. Or pop-and-lock. Greg and I break it down in the post-show dance party, you should stick around for it.

What Scissor Sisters song would best describe you?:
Truth be told, outside of the show songs, I'm still getting to know their stuff. If I had to go with one though... I can jam out to “Fire with Fire” all day long. Maybe it describes me? Catchy, soft but with a driving beat, built for a happy ending, perfect life soundtrack, a little cheesy. Ok, I'm done.

Why should we come see Restoration Comedy?: If you think that love comes in all shapes and sizes, this is the show for you. Or if you just like having an amazing evening out and forging a new community with cast and audience alike, that's what we're all about. Come kiki with us!

Want more Zac? Check out http://www.zacmoon.com/