Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kiki Time with...Jaspal Binning

Name: Jaspal Binning

Hometown: Birmingham, England

Education: New York Film Academy Two Year Conservatory Acting for Film & Musical Theatre

What is a kiki?: The new global phenomenon!

Tell us about Restoration Comedy:
Restoration Comedy is a slick stylish piece that pays tribute to the highest forms of classical language integrated with modern day dilemmas. One of the most notable being free to love who you love regardless of sex, race or anything else. It is a beautiful extravaganza of art that shines a light on our modern day society and truly encourages every person to be themselves and to celebrate life as we only get to live it once!

Describe Restoration Comedy in 3 words:
Raunchy, honest, revolutionary

Who do you play in Restoration Comedy?: Worthy (u/s) Model Boy Christopher/Dance Ensemble

What’s the most outrageous costume you wear in Restoration Comedy?: I can't give that away you're going to have to come and decide for yourself!

Which cast member is the naughtiest?: Lord Foppington

Sexiest?: A toss up between Narcissa and Berinthia.

Most likely to deceive?:
John Loveless

What is your signature dance move?:
The Cha Cha Slide

What Scissor Sisters song would best describe you?: “Filthy/Gorgeous”

Why should we come see Restoration Comedy?: For the pure experience. You will be continually surprised throughout the night with delicious language, stellar acting, singing and dancing as well as epic conversation, libations and most probably a couple of gyrations throughout the course of the evening!

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