Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Theaterinthenow's Top 5 Tony Surprises

1. Leap of Faith snags one, and only one nomination: Best Musical
The show that's been panned by many grabbed the coveted fourth slot for the 2012 Tonys. Interestingly enough, it's the only nomination it received. Which leads me to wonder, how could you be the best if nothing else gets recognized?

2. Two plays grab Best Original Score nominations
One Man, Two Guvnors and Peter and the Starcatcher join Bonnie and Clyde and Newsies in the Best Original Score category. With two plays taking spots, what does this say about the rest of the season's scores in musicals?

3. No love for Godspell, Seminar or The Mountaintop 
While this season, like seasons past, had a lot of star power on stage, shows including Godspell (Hunter Parrish), Seminar (Alan Rickman), and The Mountaintop (Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett) got a grand total of ZERO nominations. While reviews were mixed to positive for many of these star-studded shows, was this a statement to prove that stars do not equal nominations?

4. Bonnie and Clyde gets two nominations
For the most part, Bonnie and Clyde was critically panned, yet garnered a cult-like following of fans. So how did this show get recognition for Best Original Score and Best Actress in a Musical (Laura Osnes)? Your guess is as good as mine.

5. Condola Rashad nominated for Best Featured Actress in a Play
While the show has closed perhaps the reason for its Tony neglict, Stick Fly did get a nomination for breakout actress, Condola Rashad. Rashad had everybody talking about her brilliant performance. She could be the sleeper in the category featuring some heavy hitters.

What were your big surprises for this year's Tonys? Comment below!


  1. OK, my responses:

    1. Yeah, no idea.

    2. I think music composed specifically for a piece of theater (whether musical or straight) should be considered , so does the ATW hence the noms for Peter and Guvnors. Personally, of the musicals I saw this season, none had any music that made me say WOW.

    3. Was Godspell really that great? Personally, I was underwhelmed. I was surprised about Seminar, but not really about Mountaintop. I always felt that Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Basset were in it because they were famous, not because they were the best actors for the roles.

    4. The music in B&C is pretty great, much better than Wonderland certainly.

    5. Didn't see Stick Fly but she has some stiff competition.

  2. No Angela!
    Elizabeth Davis? WHO?
    Ron Raines? PLEASE!
    Where's "One Man" & "The Lyons" for BEST Plays!?
    No Ricky Martin, but a Cerveres?