Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UPDATED: Smash to Get a Character Shake Up

Though we'll still have to wait until January for the second season of "Smash", there are reports of new characters coming and two characters who will not be returning full time. Under new show runner Josh Safran, three new characters are currently being cast. They are Courtney (a twentysomething African-American chorus member — "incredibly attractive and confident, but also open-minded and non-judgmental."), Danny (a twentysomething from Brooklyn — a straight guy, "sexy, charismatic and musically gifted, but also self-destructive and remote."), and Joe (a "gay, very cute, incredibly open and optimistic" actor/singer/dancer from Brooklyn.). Will Danny be the character to win Karen's heart? Well it's possible as Raza Jaffrey's Dev will not be a recurring character any longer. Who else has been cut? Everyone's favorite pest, Ellis, played by Jamie Cepero. Both Dev and Ellis may return for an episode or two to wrap up their character's stories. But I have a feeling down the line, we may see a return of Ellis to reek havoc. Are you happy or sad with the departures of Dev and Ellis? Will our three new characters play a big part in Bombshell? We'll find out in a few months!

Updated: Reports are now coming in that Frank, played by Brian D'Arcy James, and Michael, played by Will Chase, will be getting the axe as well!