Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spotlight On...Chris Davis

Name: Chris Davis

Hometown: Falmouth, ME

Education: Connecticut College, BA Theater/Atlantic Acting Conservatory/Academia dell'Arte, Arezzo, Italy.

Select Credits: We're Drunk/This Is The End (Nate, TS Elliot US/UK Exchange Old Vic, London); Avenue of The Americas (Phil, The Tank NYC)

Why theater?: People. Places. Community! I thoroughly enjoy working with new people in an artistic setting and growing in a community of theater lovers! I love to travel and when my art allows me to get on a plane or a bus, I am in my element. Theater allows for exploration of self and the world which I feel is invaluable to humanity.

Tell us about The Apartment: The Apartment is an amazing new play by 4 very talented writers (Sorrel Tomlinson Barnard, Melissa Moran, Lindsay Murphy and David Scott) that tells the story of a LES apartment and its tenants. The play opens in the famous 2003 Blackout and continues through until present day. Each act portrays a unique couple struggling with the stereotypes of NYC living, their own demons and the going-ons of the ‘Naughties (the last decade). It be hilarious! There is dancing, smooching, blood and guts: the recipe for a great night out I assure you!

What is it like to be a part of The Apartment?: I love working on new plays because there has been wonderful collaboration with the writers so when fun new things happen in rehearsal, they end up in the play! The writers have been so great about working with us in the rehearsal room and it has led to some fabulous new moments! The cast and production team have a ton of fun together and it has been awesome to be with such talented artists.

What kind of theater speaks to you? What or who inspires you as an artist?: I love dance/theater. Physical devised ensemble based theater is a joy for me. When a group of people grow a piece of theater from the ground up to share their voice, I am inspired. I believe in training, I love training and when that is coupled with the ensembles performance, magic happens. I am inspired by my family, the ocean and the artists I get to share my story with along the way.

What’s it like to be a part of FringeNYC?: This is my first Fringe and it is non-stop excitement. There is never enough time, resources or people but the show goes on: the beauty of live theater with a 15 minute setup and teardown. The adrenaline is high, the parties are stellar and being apart of this play has been such a treat.

Any role you’re dying to play?: Since I missed the boat on the remake of Footloose…well…maybe ill wait for the 3rd one!

What show have you recommended to your friends?: What The Sparrow Said by Danny Mitarotondo. It is done by a favorite theater company of mine: The Common Tongue. They always put up great work and I got to give a shout out to actress Heather Oakley who not only inspires on stage but also in life as a teacher of mine at Atlantic.

What’s up next?: I am in an exciting show with The Bower Group called This Is For You featuring four new one acts written by company members that goes up over labor day weekend at the New York Theater Workshop 4th St Theater. This fall I finish up my 5th semester at the Atlantic Acting School and will be involved with two shows, one of which will be produced/directed/acted by our newly formed theater company of 16 ensemble members that have trained together for the past two years. It will be an exciting 3 months ahead!

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