Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Read: Eurydice

Again, another obvious, probably already read, selection, but I have to get the top of my list out of the way first. Since I just finished adapted a play, I might as well carry on the theme of adaptation. Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl is by far one of the most beautiful plays I've had the great fortune of reading and seeing. I love it so much, I dedicated an entire dramaturgy project on the piece. The play is jam packed with themes that are so vivid and thought provoking, you almost have to wonder if Ruhl wrote it for you. Her poetic language serves the play beautifully. The characters are rich with emotion. Both happy and sad. And I guarantee there's not a person reading or seeing it that doesn't have some sort of connection with one of the characters. If you haven't experienced Sarah Ruhl yet, this is the play to start with. You'll be hooked. And even if this style of theater isn't your forte, Ruhl's voice as a playwright is something you'll take away from it. Seeing the 2econd Stage production will always stick with me. It was one of those theatrical moments you savor forever.