Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's Get It Started!

After many failed attempts at "blogging," I'm at it again! But this time, it's for real! I have a concept that will be less time consuming and a theme that is, well, my life. So what exactly is this? Well, I'm going to let it be "organic." Let it flow as it goes. I'm going to help provide you with items of interest on all things theater, be it Broadway, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, Indie Theater, Regional, West End, and the list goes on. And along with that, I'll be offering my own opinions (as if you haven't heard them yet) on work I've seen or read. Additionally, I want to help bring focus to other artists who you may have or have not been exposed to with interviews and places to see their work. And of course if you have items of interest you want to share, I'm all ears! Let this be another community. Like all theater, this is an experiment. It will start one way and I can guarantee you, it will mold into something else down the road. Organic. So, welcome.